In House Freethinking - Sharing & Growth

We have been working with In House lawyers for years. Understanding what is truly important to you, both as individuals and a community of In House lawyers, is at the heart of our In House Freethinking philosophy.

By listening to our clients and identifying the key legal and commercial issues you face on a day-to-day basis, we can tailor our services to meet your changing needs and priorities.

We understand that you work under unique pressures and seek external help that is not just unwanted marketing material, event invites and news updates: Partnership. An ongoing relationship with people who have a genuine interest in your world.

Everything we do for you will be relevant, focused on your specific needs and intended to make a positive impact. Above all our initiative is designed to encourage Freethinking.

We deliver:

Access to tailored information.
Access to best practice guides and toolkits in various areas of law.
An opportunity to identify training needs and earn your CPDs through our events or In House training.
The ability to build your own network of like-minded professionals.

We are conscious of the need for all businesses to work smarter and to minimise legal spend. We have created a range of solutions with this in mind which enables you to support the business in a more efficient way freeing up your time to do the advice which will take the business forward.

The Hub
Freeths’ on-line portal ‘The Hub’ is a useful tool to enable you and your HR team to handle employment law issues with minimal fuss. It enables you and the team to generate letters and contracts quickly as well as providing tips and guidance on how to deal with tricky issues. It ensures that multi site businesses all operate from the same base line and provides you with immediate access to us for face to face and telephone advice should you need it. Subscription to the Hub means that managers are supported and can be largely self sufficient . It also manages the business risk effectively. Read more here.

Portfolio Solutions
Portfolio solutions manages all your property documents and reminds you/ your property team of key dates such as break dates, expiry of leases and rent reviews. You and any of your property team including external consultants have access 24/7 to the documents as well as to our live reports on progress. The system also provides data rooms to enable transactions to be dealt with easily and effectively reducing paper wastage. Read more here.

Contract Risk Management and Reviews
We offer a fixed price business contract review service tailored to your organisation’s commercial concerns and appetite to risk. It includes building an individual risk matrix which can then be used to identify areas of concern in agreements and suggest amendments where appropriate. This can be a useful resource for legal departments handling a steady volume of general commercial contracts to aid in streamlining turnaround times to meet the needs of business clients and ensuring a consistent approach to contract management.

Freeths can also provide a variety of other fixed fee contract review and management solutions specific to the ongoing needs of your business such as regular one day secondments or set amounts of time where help is needed on ad hoc projects.