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Injunctions, Emergency Court Relief & Search Orders

Taking action to help your business

What is involved?

This is a complex area of the law, but sometimes it is necessary to take immediate action to protect your business where a dispute has arisen. You might require a party to stop a particular action or require them to undertake an action. That may include the use of freezing orders or search orders to find or preserve evidence or material that might otherwise be lost or dissipated.

It might also be necessary to seek interim or final injunctions to stop infringements that damage your business.

It is important to seek advice as early as possible as injunctions will often be accompanied by a penal notice. Any party breaching such notices runs the risk of being held to be in contempt of court, punishable by imprisonment, fines or seizure of assets.

Why choose Freeths?

  • We will advise on the commercial necessity, implications, and the pros and cons of taking action. The merits of any particular application are fact specific
  • We are able to advise in respect of ‘on notice’ and ‘without notice’ applications
  • We have extensive national and international experience of obtaining immediate freezing, search and seizure orders or injunctions preventing parties from continuing to unlawfully cause loss to your business
  • We advise not only those seeking immediate injunctive relief but those who are also on the receiving end of it
  • We have a number of experienced ‘Supervising Solicitors’ who can be appointed where search orders are to be executed at the defendant’s home or work premises. The Supervising Solicitor will supervise the search and report to the Court on the execution of the search order
Meet the team

Injunctions, Emergency Court Relief & Search Orders Lawyers

Simon Baigent, Partner

Simon Baigent

0845 274 6903

Simon Barker - IP Partner

Simon Barker

0845 634 2583

Clare Bellis, Director

Clare Bellis

0186 578 1058

James Berry

0114 263 9483

Lindsey Clegg, Partner

Lindsey Clegg

0845 030 5793

Richard Coates, Partner

Richard Coates

0845 128 7972

Duncan Crine, Partner

Duncan Crine

01865 781 054

Charles Darby, Partner

Charles Darby

0116 248 1114

Andrew Dashwood-Begg, Senior Associate

Andrew Dashwood-Begg
Senior Associate

0186 578 1021

Philippa Dempster, Managing Partner - London

Philippa Dempster

0845 050 3203

Simon Ellis, Director

Simon Ellis

0845 128 7983

Mark Emery, Partner

Mark Emery

0186 578 1079

Richard Fitzmaurice commercial litigation associate

Richard Fitzmaurice
Senior Associate

0845 274 6892

Jade Flint, Associate

Jade Flint
Senior Associate

0845 050 3698

Carl Holmes, Senor Associate

Carl Holmes
Senior Associate

0845 274 6910

Mukesh Patel - Commercial Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Mukesh Patel

0845 272 5710

Emma Tattersdill, Partner

Emma Tattersdill

0845 077 9560


"Philippa is regarded as a Leader in the field of Dispute Resolution by Chambers and Business Experts. Sources say the 'absolutely excellent' Philippa Dempster provides an 'amazing service for her clients'."

Notable Work
  • Defending application for freezing injunction including application for preservation and delivery up of documents.
  • Defending injunction application seeking to restrain client from taking action pending urgent declaration as to interpretation of the clause of a contract.
  • Various injunctions restraining presentation and advertisement of winding up petitions.
  • Successfully defending an application brought by a former employer against employees and the new company they joined in respect of an interim injunction sought to prevent them working and the new company operating.

Client service

‘Doing the right thing’ is at the heart of Freeths. Find out more about our excellent client service and the strong set of values that guide the way we work.

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