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International Arbitration

About our international arbitration expertise

Our clients trust us to manage their cross-border risk: its allocation, its mitigation and, if necessary, its enforcement. We use our expertise in the distinctive approaches and specialist jurisprudence in international arbitration to make the complex simple, helping clients to achieve their objectives.

This could involve managing international risk while drafting commerical contracts or structuring investments, or obtaining emergency Interim Relief from national courts to protect commercial interests. If required to dispute, we fight relentlessly for our clients, whether in Commercial Arbitration, Investment Arbitration, or Award Enforcement proceedings.

Through our unique resources and flexible approach, we deliver excellent results cost-efficiently.


Innovation, flexibility and efficiency

Yesterday’s originality is today’s commodity. Our lawyers and arbitrators strive to exceed client expectations by improving constantly.

Fluency in electronic document management, data room and e-discovery software is a given, but we also put the AI into IA! Our proprietary artificial intelligence offering accelerates everyday tasks, creating time for the freethinking lawyers our clients want.

We believe in adapting to the needs of each client and the peculiarities of each arbitration. While always placing clients first, we give our lawyers the time and space to perform optimally, as opposed to forcing ‘face time’ or set hours (hard case deadlines aside!). We find our clients appreciate this agility and the results it brings.

Our lawyers often publish, participate in conferences or panel discussions, honing arbitration expertise and know-how.  Interactions with colleagues at events enables us to remain updated on current arbitration trends, to our clients’ benefit.

Key contacts

Paul Kinninmont

Paul Kinninmont

0345 340 4218

James Hartley

James Hartley
Partner & National Head of Dispute Resolution

0345 077 9581


Client focus

All these factors combined enable us to tailor our quality arbitration advice, service and value-add to individual clients across all manner of international trade, commerce and investment matters, whatever their circumstances.

Our arbitration clients include sovereign states, state owned companies, multi-national corporations, banks, funds, public and private companies, investors and HNWIs. In every case, we involve and empower clients from day 1, recognising that clients know their own businesses best. We find that close client collaboration also yields transparency on deliverables and alignment on expectations.

Diverse and proven team of arbitration lawyers

We are trusted, friendly and expert lawyers in our field. Our diverse team is Commercial in outlook and practical in methodology, we reliably produce good results, whether as lawyers or arbitrators. We are accustomed to arbitrating nimbly across languages and cultures alongside lawyers from other jurisdictions.

Our teams are partner led. Our partners are team oriented. We invest in our associates and trainees. Partners mentor them proactively, encouraging them to work attentively and think inventively to add value for clients. Freeths teams feature legal knowledge, forensic skills, commercial awareness and practical experience, married with dedication, creativity and collegiality.

Critical and collaborative analysis

The bespoke and often multi-faceted approach described above allows us quickly and consistently to crystallise key issues and identify practical options early. This allows more efficient and confident adoption of the best possible case strategy sooner, along with earlier anticipation of potential challenges.

Results driven

Our successes speak for themselves. Throughout, you will find client testimonials, directory rankings and sanitised case studies. These demonstrate our arbitration teams succeeding for clients, whether advising on low value but complex contract drafting issues or advancing / defending multi-billion dollar claims.

Values driven

Results do not compromise our Values, which are important to us, and which underpin the successful culture of our diverse and multidisciplinary arbitration teams:

  • We are committed to Diversity and Equality, as reflected in the genders, nationalities, languages, ages, ethnicities and sexualities embodied by our team members.
  • Conscious of our and our clients’ ESG responsibilities, we strive to serve our clients in an environmentally conscious way.
  • Our lawyers give back, often simultaneously honing their legal or ‘soft’ skills, whether through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, delivering legal lectures / seminars, or servicing clients on a pro bono basis.

International arbitration sector expertise

We often contextualise our international arbitration advice by reference to the deep sectoral experience of colleagues we are fortunate to have ‘on tap’. This adds value by availing clients of sector best practice in, for instance:

International arbitration service specialisms

Unusually, we can call upon internal experts to resolve specific issues, if necessary.  We find this prevents delay, minimises cost and reassures clients. Recently, colleagues have assisted in arbitrations where issues have arisen in the following areas:

International Arbitration Lawyers

National Head of Team

Paul Kinninmont

Paul Kinninmont

0345 340 4218

Mark Brown

0345 271 6764

James Hartley

James Hartley

0345 077 9581

Alex Johnson

0345 077 9643

International Arbitration

Paul Kinninmont

0345 340 4218

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Notable work

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Client service

‘Doing the right thing’ is at the heart of Freeths. Find out more about our excellent client service and the strong set of values that guide the way we work.

Our values


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