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Are the public and private sectors working together to maximise the value of PFI assets post expiry? The current debate around PFI expiry largely focuses on the hand back process. But what comes next? And where is the debate around what the future looks like post expiry? In this webinar, leading projects partner James Larmour, […]

With energy bills soaring, a wider cost of living crisis and the prospect of a lengthy recession, PFI handback is unlikely to feature high up on the new Government’s to do list. Most commentators have been focussing on managing the PFI expiry process, but as detailed in the recent IPA guidance (see my previous article here), […]

Anticipation has been building since the IPA announced that it would issue practical guidance to contracting authorities (CAs) on managing PFI expiry and service transition. CAs have been understandably anxious to understand how they should best approach the handback challenge. At the same time, the private sector has been keen to understand the proposed approach […]

The PFI Handback team have opened a survey to get full insight into the PFI market from both the public and private sector viewpoint. If you are an investor, FM organisation, or public sector body, or anyone with an interest and insight into PFI/PPP assets, please do take part. The survey can be completed confidentially, […]

Christmas came early to Larmour Towers in 2021 with the publication of the Infrastructure & Projects Authority’s Phase 1 Expiry Health Learnings Report. The report details the IPA’s PFI Centre of Excellence’s (PFI CoE) analysis of the first 52 PFI Expiry Health Checks conducted over the course of 2021. Overall, there are a number of […]

Many assume that an appropriate level of resourcing, robust contractual knowledge, and a touch of negotiating guile, will result in successful contract expiry and inheritance of the relevant assets – and the Trust’s business can continue as normal, focussing on delivering frontline services. However, the implications of inheriting an expired PFI asset are not that […]

In and amongst the debate around PFI handback, one of the most interesting questions is around how the public sector will manage legacy PFI assets post expiry. While much of the debate focuses on the handback process, the longer term operation and management of facilities poses some challenging (but perhaps more interesting) questions for the […]

Hear how the public and private sectors believe early collaboration is key to secure a successful outcome for all. Freeths have gathered together leading industry experts, often with opposing views, to highlight the major issues facing stakeholders when embarking on the handback of a PFI project. Chaired by James Larmour, come and listen to the […]

Much of the discussion on PFI handback, which I have outlined before, centres around the need to carry out condition surveys. But before you can carry out a survey, you need a clear picture of what you are surveying (ie. the assets being handed back) and what the required condition is (ie. what is the handback […]

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