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Legal Operations Consulting

We offer legal operations consulting, a holistic and innovative service that helps you optimise your legal function and transform your legal performance.

Our legal operations consulting offering

At Freeths, we understand the challenges and opportunities that legal departments face in today’s dynamic and complex environment. We know that you need more than just legal advice to achieve your strategic goals and deliver value to your organisation. That’s why we offer legal operations consulting, a holistic and innovative service that helps you optimise your legal function and transform your legal performance.

By partnering with us, you will benefit from our extensive experience, deep knowledge, and tailored approach. We will work with you to understand your needs, challenges, and opportunities, and provide you with practical solutions, proven tools, and actionable insights. We will empower you and your team to become more agile, efficient, and effective, and to create lasting value for your organisation.

If you are interested in our legal operations consulting service, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you achieve your legal excellence.

Discover more about our four key legal operations consulting service areas below.

Our services:

  • Strategy & Governance

    We help you define your vision, mission, and objectives for your legal function, and align them with your organisation’s strategy and culture. We also help you establish clear roles, responsibilities, and processes for your legal team, and measure and report on your legal performance and value.

  • People & Skills

    We help you attract, develop, and retain the best talent for your legal function, and ensure that your legal team has the right skills, competencies, and mindset to deliver high-quality and efficient legal services. We also help you foster a collaborative and inclusive culture within your legal function, and across your organisation and external partners.

  • Process & Technology

    We help you streamline and standardise your legal workflows, and implement best practices and methodologies for project management, risk management, and quality assurance. We also help you leverage intelligent technology and data analytics to automate, digitise, and enhance your legal services and operations.

  • Sourcing & Partnerships

    We help you design and execute your optimal sourcing strategy, and select and manage your external legal providers and partners. We also help you build and maintain strong relationships with your internal clients and stakeholders, and demonstrate your value proposition and contribution to your organisation.

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