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Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2024

“Building a gender-balanced diverse workforce at all levels, ensuring our workplace is inclusive and that our people can succeed are key priorities for us. Our D&I strategy guides our approach to achieving this and our pay gap reporting helps us better understand our firm profile, the challenges we face, and track progress.

We’re actively building diverse talent pipelines, challenging our recruitment processes to ensure inclusivity, focusing on our ethnicity and gender targets for promotion, helping our people to develop their cultural awareness and, most importantly, making sure we are supporting our talented people as they grow their long-term careers with Freeths. We also recognise the importance of career choice for our people; we all want fulfilling careers, but this doesn’t always mean partnership or senior management and, whilst this may impact our pay gap reporting, we understand and support this choice.

All these actions are helping to drive change.  This year, we are proud to say that our mean gender and bonus pay gap for our partnership, and our Freeths ethnicity pay gap have reduced. And, whilst we have seen an increase in our overall gender pay gap, we understand the reasons for this and our Board, Senior Management Teams and Employee Networks are fully committed to driving the change required to reduce and, over time, eliminate our pay gaps.”

Philippa Dempster | Senior Partner & London Managing Partner

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