Trust Claims Scheme Agreed

Solicitors acting respectively for concerned patients of suspended maxillofacial consultant Roger Bainton and for his employers the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust have reached agreement on a scheme to consider and resolve claims cost effectively and wherever possible avoid the need for patients to go to court.The Trust's medical director Mr Robert Courteney-Harris said:

"It is in the interests of our patients, our clinicians and the Trust that patients’ concerns, complaints and claims arising from their treatment are resolved as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible."

Paul Balen, medico legal specialist solicitor at Freeths LLP who negotiated the agreement on behalf of Mr Bainton's patients estimated that over 100 clients were likely to request that their claims be considered under the scheme. No legal costs will be incurred by the patients whilst their case is accepted for investigation under the scheme. The use of joint experts, a clear timetable for dispute resolution and efficient cooperation between the parties will ensure that costs incurred by the NHS are kept to a minimum. Settlements will be fully appropriate and reasonable. Any decision that a patient is not entitled to compensation would only be made after a detailed review and explanation by an independent expert.

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