Freeths debate: how do we make the planning system work for business?

On Wednesday 13 April, national leading law firm Freeths LLP are teaming up with the University of Derby, to host the third in a series of debates. The subject is “How do we make the Planning System work for Business?” To be held at Derby University, we are anticipating an evening of inspiring discussion and debate with high profile business leaders on the current state of the UK planning system and their visions for the future.

Many people in business think the UK Planning system is broken. In the 21st Century we now have a high cost system that does not deliver results with any degree of confidence and is plagued by delays. The problem is: how to fix it?The evening will be hosted by Chairperson Mike Copestake of Freeths, with guest speaker Derek Latham - Chairman, Lathams Architects and Robert Bruce - Partner, Planning Team, Freeths LLP.

Mike Copestake, Freeths, said

"Recent research from the Spatial Economics Research Council suggests that, amongst other things, planning restrictions substantially raise house prices and have a negative impact on retail productivity. In this debate,we want to explore why this is, whether those restrictions are in the public interest and if not, how they should be changed.I am delighted to be chairing this event alongside Derek and Robert, both of whom are senior and well known practitioners in the field of Planning and look forward to their insights into this important subject."

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