What Brexit means for your intellectual property rights

On 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom voted in an advisory referendum to leave the European Union. While the formal process of leaving will take at least 2 years, we appreciate that there will be an appetite for early information about how businesses are going to be affected.

In this short briefing we will provide the best information (and speculation) that we can offer at this stage about how the UK’s departure from the EU may impact the intellectual property rights of businesses in the UK

General Trade marks and registered designs the conversion of those EU registrations into UK national registrations at the UKIPO (if the owner does not need to retain a registration within the EU); other division out from those EU registrations of corresponding UK national registrations (if the owner needs protection in the UK while maintaining their existing protection in the EU).

Passing off Copyright, database rights, unregistered designs Patents

The content of this page is a summary of the law in force at the date of publication and is not exhaustive, nor does it contain definitive advice. Specialist legal advice should be sought in relation to any queries that may arise.