Defamation Law Update: Libellous tweets can cause serious harm to reputation

Libellous tweets can cause serious harm to reputation

Tweets it so hard to say sorry?

Defamation Act 2013: The 'serious harm' requirement Twitter: no longer the 'wild west' Bringing a claim for defamation in a post-Hopkins UK Hopkins has made it easier to bring a claim for defamation in the context of social media due to Warby J setting a relatively low bar for proving serious harm. But whilst each case will always depend on its specific facts in this area of the law, Hopkins underlines the high value of an apology for the purposes of serious harm in all cases. Defendants, whether they be individuals or businesses, can extinguish serious harm and therefore a claim by making an apology early on in proceedings; and claimants can use that ‘incentive’ to their advantage when seeking a vindication which an apology would give.

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