Employment Review: September 2017


Tribunal fees - what happens now?Burden of proof in discrimination cases if the Claimant were to show that four out of five employees in the same team received a bonus and the one who didn’t was the only female in the team, she will have shown facts from which the tribunal could infer that there had been discrimination and the burden of proof would then shift to the Respondent to show that discrimination had not occurred;

If the Claimant’s evidence was that out of the team, some women received a bonus and others did not, she is less likely to be able to show facts from which sex discrimination could be inferred and her case may fall at the first hurdle:

The burden of proving there was no discrimination would never pass to the Respondent.

New Vento bands for injury to feelings awards lower band: £800 to £8,400 middle band: £8,400 to £25,200 higher band: £25,200 to £42,000 exceptional cases: over £42,000

New guidance on calculating pension lossEmployee privacy - monitoring emails

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