FashionCapital Launch Trunk Show First Stop Manchester

Thursday 30th March marked the launch of the first Fashion Capital 2017 trunk show at Manchester Art Gallery...With Manchester’s fashion scene booming, the Fashion Capital team couldn't have picked a better place to launch the first in a series of six UK trunk shows to really lift the lid on the inner workings of the fashion industry.

The event, hosted by Freeths and supported by the ABC Awards, comprised of two three-hour seminars attended by universities, students, lecturers, brands and individuals looking to gain insider knowledge from the top.

On hand to inform the group of Intellectual Property, Contracts, Copyright and employment types, Charlotte from Freeths along with Lindsey and Sarah took to the stage. “When you enter a business relationship you need to know who you are contracting with, how to form a contract, who is responsible for the contract and who is responsible if things go wrong…” advised Lindsey who stated, “retail is as much about people as it is about product.” Sarah Moore then discussed portfolio solutions, what Freeths can offer and gave an overview of Freeths and their current clients who include Michael Kors, Paul Smith, River Island, Kikki K, Models Own and Speedo. “To us, team work is key. Tailored to your needs of course… When working with Freeths we ensure that we understand your business objectives, listen to what you want, deliver on time and on budget, and more.” Charlotte then discussed different types of employment, from part time, to full time, self-employed to freelance and the benefits and advantages as well as disadvantages to each.

Some great feedback was received from attendees, including

"I have been inspired to re-visit my own brand and try to start out again!" 

"I’ve learnt a variety of information covering many topics - great speakers and amazing knowledge. Thank you!"

"This have given me so much knowledge into starting your own business that I had never even thought about!"

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