Freeths first foray into the corporate games

Earlier this month, Team Freeths competed in the UK Corporate Games, held in Nottingham.

This exciting annual event is Europe's largest multi-sports festival for businesses. The games are a wonderful opportunity to enhance company togetherness and express corporate wellbeing through sport, competition and fun.

Staying in the "games village", participants from Freeths enjoyed glorious sunshine and impressive displays from the firm's sports stars. They were proud to be one of the few organisations with more than 100 entrants at this unique event. Taking place around some of Nottingham's best-loved sporting venues, Freeths encouraged their staff from across all 11 offices to join together as football, netball and hockey teams, squash players, dragon boat racers, runners, go-karters, poker players, cyclists, tennis players and golfers.

This exciting weekend of sport saw high emotions, excellent performances and crowds of enthusiastic supporters cheering on the competitors. Team Freeths enjoyed a party atmosphere and the chance to relive their student days, with some staying on-campus in University halls. With 23 different sports to take part in, it was the perfect opportunity for some cross-office collaboration and good old-fashioned team building.

Freeths, commented

"Freeths is a truly great place to work and, by encouraging corporate and individual wellbeing through sport, The Corporate Games encompasses our Freethinking values. It was inspiring to see our staff come together from all 11 offices to take part in this high quality event."

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