Freeths rank in Sunday Times Top 100 Companies

Freeths is celebrating after being ranked 50th in the list of Sunday Times UK Top 100 Companies to Work for.

The firm has been ranked several times before, but this is its highest ever position.

The results are mainly compiled from surveys of staff satisfaction, with the firm scoring particularly highly in areas reflecting a family feel and pride in working for the firm.

Freeths now has 11 offices across the UK and puts great emphasis on its core values, summarised by ‘doing the right thing’.

Freeths was entered into the mid-sized companies’ category. Of the 8 factors highlighted by the survey, the firm excelled in the ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Giving Something Back’ categories. The firm places great importance on CSR initiatives, and also has a ‘green group’ which has attracted a high level of interest from staff in various initiatives to reduce the impact of the business on the environment.

The many wellbeing offerings to all staff include lunchtime yoga and mindfulness sessions, cycle to work scheme, free fruit deliveries and discounted massages.These results come after the firm’s most successful financial year in 2015/16 with turnover reaching £63.8m.

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