The Future of Care - Manchester Care Event

We recently held the third in our series of ‘The Future of Care’ discussions; this time in Manchester.

Our expert chair, Bhavna Keane-Rao, was joined by our panel: Caroline Roberts (director of care and compliance at Welltower Inc); Adrian Berry (partner specialising in restructuring services at Deloitte LLP); Chris Ball (director of Maria Mallaband Care Group); and Ann Gallagher (professor of ethics and care at the University of Surrey).

The discussion began with an introduction of Ann’s article published in The Guardian which focuses on the issue of ‘careism’ in the sector. The article is based on research from the RIPE (Researching Interventions to Promote Ethics in social care) project on how ethics education can be used to better prepare workers in providing residential care and how best to educate care workers in ethics.

Careism is felt to exist on three levels

  • at an individual level, residents and their relatives are often unappreciative of the care that they and their families receive;
  • on an organisational level, care workers are not rewarded proportionately for the work they do;
  •  and on a political and societal level the value of care and the need for investment is under-valued.

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