Women leaders at the heart of alternative election night event

An alternative election night event, where women are at the heart of all issues, conversations and debates, will take place tomorrow evening, sponsored by Freeths.

On the evening of the general election (8th June) female leaders will gather at a dinner hosted by the directors of the Women of the Year Luncheon and Awards.

Drive, determination and politics will be part of the conversations as past award winning women leaders attend the Women of the Year Alumni dinner in London at Fortnum & Mason.

Issues affecting women will be under discussion as well as inspirational talks and networking. Significant female leaders, accomplished business women, national victims' champion and inspiring Paralympians are among the guests on the night.Guests include

  • Current business woman of the Year, Jacqueline O'Donovan, Managing Director of O'Donovan Waste Disposal Baroness Helen Newlove of Warrington, Victims' Commissioner for England and Wales Lucy Shuker, three time Paralympic wheelchair tennis player and double Paralympic bronze medallist.
  • Women leaders, political or otherwise, are integral and important to society. Representation matters and seeing women in significant roles helps to inspire others. They are seen as role models by other women, younger women - whether that's Theresa May or an athlete that goes on to become a Paralympian. In each case they will have to be bold, dogged and committed in their actions to achieve an exceptional level of success.
  • We hope that the party who is voted in by the country works on the notion that diversity and equality are key to a progressive society. It's important that women from different walks of life are recognised for significant achievements and go on to inspire others.
  • This is the reason we created the Women of the Year Luncheon and Awards 35 years ago."

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