Cash Flow in the Know - London Seminar for Business Directors - 4th October


Improving cash flow to grow your business

As the old saying goes, Cash is King, yet many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to maintain cash flow and find it hard to ensure that they are paid on time by customers and clients. To improve the health and viability of your business, controlling your finances is key. This event will discuss some important advice and information on how to ensure you have available cash in your business, give you information on how to grow your business into a truly successful one by building your customer base, and what to do to avoid getting into a dispute with your customers.


You will hear from our keynote speaker Ash Taylor, of In2Out Business Limited, an entrepreneur, about how he made his company a success and how he overcame the bumps in the road along on the way. Ron Mookerjee of Talk to Ron, who has 15 years’ experience of turning negative cash flow into positive cash flow, Lance Walker of the Ministry of Innovation, who has 40 years' experience in the business, about how to increase and improve your sales and marketing capability on how to avoid and resolve disputes in your business relationships.

Ash will talk about the lessons learned in his journey from being a Tennis Coach to building a coaching, consulting and education business that served thousands of customers in just 18 months. You will take away his key insights that led to that success and the lessons he learned through the challenges that followed.


Thursday, 4th October 2018


5.30pm - 8pm


Freeths LLP, 1 Vine St, Mayfair, London W1J 0AH


5.30pm - Welcome

5.45pm - Networking

6.15pm - Introduction and talk from Ash Taylor

6.35pm - Ron Mookerjee "Talk to Ron"

6.50pm - Lance Walker "Ministry of Innovation"

7.20pm - Q & A Session

7.30pm - Networking

8pm - Close


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