A Call to Action for Racial Equality

The sad events in Minneapolis, United States of America on May 25th 2020 has brought into sharp focus that racism is still present within society and needs to be abolished.Racism of any form must be acknowledged and challenged. It has no place in a democratic society characterised by diversity.We cannot be considered a society that respects human rights, if we have in practice different rights and opportunities for people of varying race or colour.At Freeths, we are a firm that believes passionately that inclusion and diversity are essential values. We also believe that we must be committed to protecting and promoting these values .The challenge we face is to galvanize our shared values for real and lasting change.We are proud to be a true multi-cultural firm where we employ talented people no matter their race, culture, ethnicity or creed.As a firm, we stand against all forms of racism and discrimination.

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