Advance Webinar Series: De-risking for Growth - July-August 2020

Essential webinar series on protecting and maximising your company's assets & value

Running a high growth SME is never easy. You're growing the business and assume everyone - suppliers, directors, employees - is pulling together with you. All too often we see smaller, high growth businesses come seriously unstuck over some relatively minor oversight. Maybe a director leaves but still has shares and blocks key strategic developments, a key supplier effectively halts business output over a contractual disagreement, or an employee leaves taking vital IP with them. We see owner/managers who are concentrating so hard on growing the business, the legal protection of what they have developed is overlooked. Join us for the series of webinars which offer a jargon-free, easy overview of the day-to-day housekeeping issues any owner/manager should be aware. If your business is either relatively young, relies on one or two key suppliers, or has recently had phenomenal growth, you can't afford to miss this.

Tuesday 7th July - Supplying on demand - 3pm - 4pm

Frank Suttie will be discussing key measures to have in place, to protect your business commercially and what can go wrong if supplier contracts aren't up to date:

  • Ensure your trading contracts are fit for purpose and keep your suppliers on the terms you demand
  • Trading online? Be sure that you are complying with legal requirements around online trading
  • What if a supplier renegotiates or doesn't honour a contract?

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Tuesday 28th July - Employees as an asset - 3pm - 4pm

Join Toby Pochron as they discuss protecting your business through contracts of employment:

  • Protecting confidential information
  • Preventing unfair competition
  • Ensuring ownership of employee created intellectual property
  • Stopping preparations to compete during employment
  • Common pitfalls in employment contracts

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Tuesday 18th August - Difference of opinion - 3pm - 4pm

Join Fiona Woodhead as they discuss areas where they encounter issues and what can be put in place from an early stage to grow from a firm foundation.

  • Shareholder/director disputes - implications of not having a shareholders' agreement in place
  • The importance of statutory registers
  • Decision making and documenting the same

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