Business Matters: Future-proof your business with Tom Cheesewright

Freeths and Knowsley Chamber would like to invite you to Business Matters, a series of free webinars aimed at providing practical support and guidance for you and your business.For the first session, we are pleased to be joined by Tom Cheesewright, applied Futurist, who will share his thoughts on how to future-proof your business.It has never been more important for business leaders to look to the future. Yet, when we are living through some of the most uncertain times we have ever faced, it can feel daunting to know where to start.In this webinar, Tom will discuss the industry techniques and tools to help you:

  • Scan the near horizon for incoming shocks
  • Look to the far future to define long-term strategy
  • Accelerate decision-making in your business
  • Delegate power to the front line, speeding your response
  • Streamline your organisation so it's agile and can adapt to change

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You can submit questions in advance by emailing There will also be time for a Q&A discussion on the challenges we're facing now, and into the future. 

Tom Cheesewight is an applied futurist, working with global leaders like BMW, Facebook and HSBC to help them see the future more clearly, share that vision, and respond with agility and innovation. In his first book, High Frequency Change, Tom explained why so many of us in business feel like we can't keep up with the fast-changing world. And, in his new book, Future-proof Your Business, Tom offers practical solutions for leaders and organisations of every size.Freeths and Knowsley Chamber logo


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