Freeths Advance Webinar: Protecting your business - Supplier contracts - 7th July

Tuesday 7th July - Supplying on demand - 3pm - 4pm

Join us for our first of a series of webinars on de-risking for growth. Frank Suttie will be discussing key measures to have in place, to protect your business commercially and what can go wrong if supplier contracts aren't up to date:

  • Ensure your trading contracts are fit for purpose and keep your suppliers on the terms you demand
  • Trading online? Be sure that you are complying with legal requirements around online trading
  • What if a supplier renegotiates or doesn't honour a contract?

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So that we can cover off as many of your questions as possible, please send them through to us in advance of the session. Please submit these using the text box on Zoom registration page or emailing them to with the seminar title as the subject heading.


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