Freeths LLP advise Ascot Lloyd on seven acquisitions in the last 12 months

Freeths LLP is pleased to announce that it has advised Ascot Lloyd, one of the UK's largest and fastest growing independently owned IFA firms, on seven acquisitions in the last 12 months.

The IFA businesses acquired include Prest Financial Services (Manchester), Harrington Wood Wealth Management (Bath), Gregory Adam Financial Management (Bristol), Fitzroy Wealth Management (Glasgow) and Ring Associates (King's Lynn). The acquisitions collectively add over £1.9 billion in funds under influence. Ascot Lloyd now has over £8 billion of funds under influence serviced by over 130 advisors. Nigel Stockton, CEO of Ascot Lloyd, commented: “Ascot Lloyd is grateful to Freeths LLP for its excellent legal support which has helped to grow our business significantly over the last 12 months. We now have over 18,000 clients serviced by our 19 offices. Freeths LLP have done a great job in ensuring that all these deals have successfully completed.”Freeths said: “We enjoy working with Ascot Lloyd and look forward to closing more deals for them later this year.”


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