From risk to sweet harmony: smart use of workplace benefits - 10th December 2020

While a recession has been avoided for another quarter, the financial impact of further lockdowns, and Coronavirus restrictions, will continue to make UK employers wary. These impacts are likely to last well into 2021, notwithstanding hopes around potential vaccines. Conserving cash within the business to ride through this period will be of utmost importance. In this webinar we explore ways employers can use benefits to help with that process, which key benefits to offer, and how you go about making these changes.

Date | Thursday 10th December 2020Time| 11.30am - 12.30pmVenue | Zoom

Join our pensions team for our last in a series of webinars with Punter Southall Aspire. Following on from our previous webinar on the use of workplace benefits, we will be discussing how you bring your benefits package together, and/or change it to meet the ever changing requirements as your workplace demographic evolves.

Key questions for all employers cover:

  • Which benefits are most valued?
  • Which offer the employer the biggest advantages?
  • What are the risks of making changes?
  • How can you better manage your insured employee benefits?

For some employers business has continued as normal and this means acquisitions and disposals - what do you do about TUPE and various disposal benefits? Once the TUPE transfer has completed, what can an employer do where there are two different tiers of benefits across its workforce, leading to potential duplications of cost and additional time lost for administration. In some cases employers can deal with this by making changes but what are the requirements around consultations both from an employment perspective and also with other thoughts, is it possible to truly harmonise benefits across an entire workforce and if so what are the key strategic issues for employers to be aware of in making that transition?


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