How to Deliver a Successful EV Project - Charging infrastructure and electric fleet case studies

Our Green Breakfast webinars continue on Tuesday 15th September with a series of practical case studies on electrification of vehicle fleets, private vehicle charging solutions and public charging infrastructure.

Our panel of experts - Simon Rutledge of Biffa, Jenny Figueiredo and Ben Bradly of Oxfordshire County Council, and Nigel Morris of Maclntyre Hudson - will share practical case studies on:

  • greening the car fleet: what fleet decision makers have experienced so far in designing an efficient policy to manage the potential challenges around taxation, charging, networks and fuel when moving to EVs
  • electric refuse collection vehicles: working with local authority partners to green their collection fleets
  • the Park and Charge innovation project: objectives and elements of the project, how stakeholders are working together to deliver this project, and issues to be considered and overcome

In addition, Clare King of Freeths will provide an overview of the Government support currently available for electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure. The session will be of interest to businesses looking to install or host EV chargepoints, or to electrify their vehicle fleets, including public sector bodies, landowners, property developers, investors, and the logistics, retail and hospitality sectors. Date: Tuesday 15th September 2020 Time: 10am - 11am

Watch back the full webinar here

Please visit our Low Emission Vehicles & Charging Infrastructure page to access materials from our previous webinars. Also available to download is our EV charging infrastructure risk matrix - a tool to help you understand the risk associated with EV charging infrastructure projects and how these might best be allocated between the relevant parties.


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