Property Q&A: Guidance for the June Quarter

Join Philip Myers and John Flathers from our Leeds office on Wednesday 17th June, as they discuss multiple topics to guide you through the June quarter, as well as answering any burning questions you may have. We are delighted to be joined by Will Moroney, Senior Management Surveyor from HBD (Henry Boot Developments), for his insight in to what he is currently seeing in his portfolio. Topics that will be discussed, include:

  • Landlord's remedies where tenant has failed to pay rent
  • Effect of new legislation
  • Considering different scenarios
  • The tenant's perspective
  • Yield up and break pre-conditions
  • The future?
  • Q&A

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So that we can cover off as many of your questions as possible, please send them through to us in advance of the session. Please submit these using the text box on the Zoom registration page or emailing them to


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