Re-plan, Re-shape, Re-engage - A holistic approach to thriving in the "new normal" - 30 July 2020

COVID-19 has hit us all hard. Plans were falling into place, team structures well-suited to the business world we knew, employees felt secure, valued and contributing. It has all changed in a matter of months. Market projections now have no certainty, teams are the wrong size, often doing the wrong things, and people feel vulnerable, insecure and exposed. Businesses feel out of control.Freeths is delighted to be collaborating with Whitecap Consulting and Break for Growth, to bring you a series of events designed to help companies respond positively and holistically to this changing world, identifying opportunities to stay strong, hit the ground running and seize competitive advantage.Our first event will discuss the power of a holistic approach to business recovery, considering companies and people together. Many studies have proven the link between engaged teams and commercial success - this global Gallup study shows a boost in profits of 21%*.

  • Re-plan - David Mellor (Whitecap Consulting) will focus on understanding the new market context; developing propositions to address new needs; transforming commercial performance;
  • Re-shape - The Employment Team at Freeths will discuss options for re-shaping your workforce, focusing on options for avoiding redundancies, retaining staff so easily lost in an economic downturn;
  • Re-engage - Cathy Rhodes (Break for Growth) will share some key considerations in leading distressing change sensitively, building resilience, encouraging discretionary effort and always respecting people at the heart of the change.

The seminar will be followed by a Q&A session where you will be able put your questions to our panel. You are also welcome to send any questions in advance to be answered on the day.Freeths, Whitecap, BreakForGrowth Logos


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