Shaping the Future International Workforce for the Higher Education Sector

As the global lockdown left a globally mobile workforce stranded in countries across the world we will consider how the university sector will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and how this will shape the future workforce. The higher education sector is international and globally mobile. The lockdown generated significant challenges for university HR teams with employees operating in different jurisdictions and unable to return to the UK. Will the pandemic accelerate the shift to more remote working and what does this mean for the university sector when remote working means global working? What impact will this have on how university HR teams support their employees, on employees' visa status in the UK and what are the tax implications for the employer and employee of globally working? Have all these questions answered by the webinar hosts, Emma Brooksbank, Business Immigration Partner, and Christopher Sing, Employment Partner. Date: Wednesday 15th July Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

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