Labour vs Conservative energy targets

Ahead of the General Election, our Clean Energy team provide below an overview comparing Labour and Conservative energy targets:

Area Conservative Labour
Oil & gas Windfall tax (35%) in place until 2029, promised new North Sea oil and gas licenses Raise windfall tax (38%) & possibly extend to 2030, ban new licenses 
Nuclear 24GW by 2050 No set target but supportive
Offshore wind 50GW by 2030 55GW by 2030
Floating offshore wind 5GW by 2030 (within the 50GW above)  5GW by 2030 (within the 55GW above)
Solar 70GW by 2035  50GW by 2030
Onshore wind No set target 35GW by 2030
Green hydrogen 5GW by 2030 (part of overall 10GW ‘low carbon’ hydrogen target)  10GW by 2030


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