Freeths partner with Henchman to drive lawyer productivity with AI

National law firm Freeths has today announced a new partnership with legaltech innovator Henchman, continuing to strengthen its knowledge and innovation strategy with AI.

Henchman, an award winning legaltech product, has enormous potential to enhance lawyer productivity by surfacing valuable insights from knowledge repositories, and assisting with complex drafting processes.

Henchman will join the firm’s portfolio of automation and AI tools that help lawyers to deliver exceptional, high-quality advice to clients.

As Generative AI moves from its experimental phase into an Enterprise-secure practical reality, Freeths is running a series of educational workshops and hackathons to create the prompts, workflows, and processes that will embed this technology into their working practices.

Henchman’s unique capabilities, which leverage the firm’s investments in knowledge management, will be a key pillar of that undertaking. This product will help support Freeths’ lawyers in drafting legal documents more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Nick Pryor, Director of Knowledge and Innovation at Freeths, said: “This partnership is indicative of Freeths’ commitment to empowering its lawyers through knowledge and innovation tools, and the advantages of embracing a cloud-first strategy. We are excited to work with the Henchman team, and collaborate with our legal teams, to capitalise on its potential value.”

Gilles Mattelin, Co-founder and CEO of Henchman, added: “We’re beyond excited to be part of Freeths’ journey in taking their knowledge & innovation strategy to a next level. Freeths’ commitment to continuously deepen their lawyers’ expertise and to consistently deliver the best quality to their clients is admirable, and we firmly believe Henchman’s technology will support them in driving this cause. By using Henchman, lawyers at Freeths will be able to quickly tap into their collective knowledge base and get help with drafting and negotiating complex contracts – ensuring they can consistently deliver high-value work to meet clients’ rising expectations.”

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