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Broomfield Hospital Maternity Services Claims

We are instructed by a number of clients who have concerns about maternity treatment they received at Broomfield Hospital’s maternity unit, and have already been successful in claiming damages.

Broomsfield hospital maternity services

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust is responsible for administering Broomfield Hospital maternity care. Unfortunately concerns over care provided at maternity units within the Trust have been ongoing for a number of years.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessed maternity services at Broomfield Hospital in December 2021 which concluded further improvements were required.

A further inspection of maternity services was carried out in 2022, as the Commission had received information which alerted them to concerns about the safety and quality of the service.

In this review, which was published in December 2022, the CQC has once again raised concerns with staffing levels in the Maternity Services at the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust. It was stated that the Trust needed to develop ways of minimising the risk to its patients.

It was found that waiting times from referral to treatment were not always in line with national standards. The report found that women were not always triaged in line with target times, neither could they always access the service when they needed it. This meant they did not receive the right care promptly. In addition to this, not all staff had completed their mandatory training.

Broomfield maternity negligence

The number of maternity negligence claims and the level of damages paid out by the Trust over the last decade, may indicate a broader cultural or systemic issue. Mistakes have been made, but the ongoing issues suggest that perhaps not enough has been done to learn from errors made and prevent future mothers and babies being put at risk.

Stillborn and neonatal death claims

The death of a baby is a devastating time for a parent and their family, but this news can be even more distressing if something has gone wrong with the management of the birth. In these situations, the outcome can be devastating and life changing for those involved.

In a significant number of stillbirths and neonatal deaths nothing can be done to prevent this from happening. There are cases however, where better management during pregnancy or monitoring of the baby could have prevented the tragedy. Every parent has a right to know what happened to their baby and the experienced team at Freeths can assist parents with obtaining answers to their questions.

Broomfield maternity negligence – the investigation so far

We are instructed by a number of clients who have concerns about maternity treatment they received at Broomfield Hospital’s maternity unit, and have already been successful in claiming damages.

Why choose our maternity negligence solicitors?

We help families to investigate the care that they or their loved ones have received and look to hold the NHS accountable where that medical care has been substandard to help prevent others suffering as a result of the same mistakes in future.

We have a proven track record of successfully assisting our clients to find answers and obtain compensation. Our specialist maternity negligence solicitors are highly experienced in handling stillbirth and neonatal death cases and provide vital support to our clients in tragic circumstances. We are also renowned for our expertise in maternity and birth injury claims including both cerebral palsy and brain injuries.

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