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Product Liability

When it all falls apart

What is involved?

As a consumer, you are protected against defective products by the Consumer Protection Act 1987. If there is a defect in a product so that it is not as safe as you were entitled to expect and it causes you an injury or financial loss, you have the right to claim compensation.

We will carry out investigations into the liability of the manufacturer and the extent of your injuries, and determine the losses you have suffered. We will seek compensation for your suffering, as well as financial losses such as lost earnings and medical expenses.

Whether you are having trouble with a medicine, an implant, or a piece of equipment, we have the expertise to help you. We have a wide range of experience and since 1987 have been at the forefront of the development of the law in this field having presented product cases for consumers at every level of court in England and Europe giving us a unique perspective on behalf of injured consumers.

Our lawyers are specialists in dealing with product liability. We also have experts in Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury claims and access to in house in-depth knowledge of the Retail, Healthcare and Food sectors.

Why choose Freeths?

  • We will robustly present your product liability case to the producer, supplier or their insurers
  • Our lawyers will conduct the claim on your behalf, including through the courts if necessary
  • We have a national reputation for being at the cutting edge of this complex field of law
  • Our experienced lawyers are renowned for being empathetic, professional and honest

We act for individual victims and groups of consumers, and have conducted product cases in the Supreme Court and European Court.

We are proud of our outstanding reputation for negotiating and administering settlement schemes, and our well-recognised skills help us get the right result for our clients.

We have particular expertise in product liability claims including those arising from defective hip prostheses, cosmetic facial fillers and breast implants.

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Notable Work

  • Claims arising from Mycobacterium chimera contamination of Sorin/Stockhert heater cooler units used in cardiac surgery where we are lead solicitors.
  • Claims arising from the Trilucent soya breast implants settlement scheme which we negotiated.
  • Claims arising from the 3M hip implant settlement scheme which we negotiated.
  • Claims arising from the Hydrogel PIP breast implant group action which we led.
  • Claims arising from the ABG 1 hip prostheses which we led.
  • Claims arising from the PIP silicone implants group action in which we serve on the steering committee.
  • Individual claims involving devices and equipment such as faulty elbow prostheses; hot air balloons; heart pacemaker leads; facial fillers; contraceptives; gastric bands; shampoos; arthroscopy scissors; radiotherapy devices etc.

“…original thinker with highly professional standards”. Balen specialises in product liability, consultant negligence, inquest representation and group actions. Sources comment that he is “very bright, very experienced and not afraid to take on hard cases.”


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