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First published on the CIEEM website, this article considers whether a “strategic” (rather than a “sitebased”) approach to the provision of compensatory measures for European Protected Species might be consistent with the Favourable Conservation Status test (“FCS test”) of Article 16 of the Habitats Directive. It concludes that the FCS test contains a degree of […]

With the influx of illegal immigrants to Europe hitting the headlines, immigration officers and police are to stage a series of high-profile raids this autumn to uncover illegal working by new arrivals to the country. Because of the prevalence of lower paid workers in the care sector, and the likelihood that employers may therefore target […]

Employees within the food industry deal with potentially dangerous equipment on a daily basis. Without adequate training they are at risk from life-changing injuries or worse. Although accidents are not entirely preventable, one of the commonest reasons for these occurring in the food sector is a lack of adequate training on new equipment, with machinery […]

Providing for notice by email How many organisations use fax or even post when communicating with others? Increasingly, businesses use email to conduct their day-to-day affairs, whereas their contracts require notice by fax or post but not email. The case below shows the importance of checking and complying with the notice provisions in a contract. […]

Challenging financial provision to adult children and wills: Ilott v Mitson is not the end of the world as we know it The recent case of Ilott v Mitson is perhaps now one of the most widely known contested probate cases. Many will have heard that Heather Ilott, a disinherited adult child, brought a claim […]

Welcome to the Summer edition of the Real Estate Bulletin. The quarter we have case law updates on: Business rates – refurbishment Contracts – fraudulent misrepresentation Development – defective premises Development – procurement Easements – right of way and parking …and Landlord and Tenant updates on: Implied surrender Landlord’s intention to redevelop …as well as […]

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