A recipe for safety for food businesses

As a primary enforcing authority of Health & Safety legislation, the HSE also produce guidance addressing the main hazards in the food and drink manufacturing industry. ‘A Recipe for Safety’ is a longstanding joint project between HSE and the food and drink manufacturing industry. Although it began in the early 1990’s (since which time the overall rate of reportable injuries has more than halved), it continues to play an active in improving health and safety in the workplace. The injury rate in the food industry remains higher than Britain’s average for the manufacturing sector, so there is scope for further improvement.

To help drive improved figures and to assist food businesses with their health and safety strategies, the HSE has recently published a new publication

This a broad advisory document for the food industry, which identifies risks in the sector, but it may help you in turn to identify realistic objectives for improvement in your business.

The publication focuses on key areas relevant to the industry including


Workplace Transport

Work at Height

Slips and Trips

Struck by Objects

Manual Handling

Work-related Stress here.

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