Brexit Briefing: Restarting Stalled Negotiations

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Restarting Stalled Negotiations

Theresa May has announced a third proposal to put on the negotiating table for the customs union. Details have not been published yet, but they are understood to keep some ties between the UK and the EU. There is also some talk amongst Ministers that the plans will reflect some of the “max-fac” option, which has already been rejected by the EU and UK businesses. “Maximum facilitation” would mean customs checks are imposed, but they would aim to be as streamlined as possible. New technology would have to be used to make this work. May is gathering her senior cabinet members to Chequers on Friday, 6th July, to discuss the details. A White Paper is expected the week after.


Breaking Point

2 years after the referendum and only 9 months until ‘Brexit Day’, UK businesses are expressing their concern over the lack of clarity in what a Post-Brexit UK looks like. The UK government have maintained that they expect a deal to be made. Many companies are not so sure, with both Airbus and BMW threatening to leave the UK in the event of a “no-deal” scenario. The British Chambers of Commerce have urged the UK government to provide clarity on the practical issues of trade.


The Cost of Staying

The EU has hit out at the UK government over the proposed fees for the new settled status. The Home Office recently published their statement of intent, which details the application process for settled status. Included in the details are the cost of each application; £65 for an adult and £32.50 for a child under the age of 16.

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator has stated that EU nationals should not be financially punished for the results of the EU Referendum. In the meantime, the UK has urged the EU to publish plans for Britons living in the EU. The leading campaign group, British in Europe have stated that they are the forgotten victims of the referendum.

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