Why you should be interested in World Intellectual Property Day 2018!

World Intellectual Property Day is on 26 April 2018, and this year will highlight the essential role of women in innovation and creativity, Stuart Lester reports.


What is World IP Day?

World World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated each year on the 26th of April, with the aim of increasing the general understanding of intellectual property rights (patents, trade marks, designs, copyright etc.) and the role they play in encouraging innovation and creativity.


IP rights provide the means by which researchers, inventors, businesses, designers, artists and others can lawfully protect their innovative and creative outputs and secure an economic return from them. Many events are being held all over the world to mark the occasion. In London, The IP Awareness Network is holding an event at the House of Commons that will feature Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Sam Gyimah, IPO CEO Tim Moss and others.


Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity

This year’s World IP Day focuses on Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity. Women have a long history of creating revolutionary products. Just look at Monopoly, Kevlar, windscreen wipers and CCTV to name a few. More than ever before, women are taking up leadership roles in business and making their voices heard. Women and men generating, sharing and working together to develop ideas makes for a richer, more creative, more rewarding business environment. This year’s World IP Day provides an opportunity to highlight how the intellectual property system can support innovative and creative women (and indeed everyone) on their journey to bring their unique ideas to market.


Get involved!

The Freeths IP & Media team will be tweeting throughout the day @FreethsIPMedia to mark this special occasion. Keep an eye out for our posts, including stories of game-changing inventions by women. We will also share interviews with women who are powering change in the world of IP today. Help us spread the word by sharing our posts and join the conversation using #worldipday


More Information

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