Freeths advise BGF on Emma Bridgewater investment

Freeths have advised BGF (Business Growth Fund) on its £8m investment in well know pottery and home wares company Emma Bridgewater based in Stoke-on-Trent.The deal was closed with Bajit Atwal, working closely with colleague across the firm including Intellectual Property specialists to get the deal completed.Freeths team commented: “This was a great deal to be involved in, to see a home grown company that started with Emma's vision continue to grow, it is exciting to see where they will go next and great to have some good news at this time!”BGF work with many companies from start-up ventures to SME's to work with them to achieve their goals.Joanne Smith of BGF, commented: “A huge thank you to Freeths and Baljit. Your hard work, organisation, professionalism and persistence kept us on track. You really did go above and beyond and we would absolutely love to work with you again.”

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