Green Breakfast - Financing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Our series of Green Breakfasts continues on Tuesday 28th July with a webinar on Financing EV Charging Infrastructure.

Freeths' James Larmour will give an introduction to key project risks, drawing on our detailed EV Charging Infrastructure risk matrix which you can download via the link at the bottom of the page. Our panel of experts - Joanne Patrick of Amber Infrastructure, Stefan Barrow of MUFG and Stirling Habbitts of Green Giraffe - will share their experience and expertise on:

  • accessing finance for EV charging infrastructure
  • market activity and trends
  • key risks and bankability issues
  • revenue models

There will also be a number of practical case studies. The session will be of interest to businesses involved in the EV charging market and those looking to enter the market, including local authorities, landowners, property developers, investors, and the retail and hospitality sectors. Time: Tuesday 28th July 2020 Date: 10am - 11am

Please click here to re-watch the webinar

Please click here to access a video recording of our last webinar 'Is 2020 set to be the year of the electric vehicle? - Insights in to the electric vehicle sector', along with the materials from that webinar. Also available to download on our website is our EV charging infrastructure risk matrix - a tool to help you understand the risks associated with EV charging infrastructure projects and how these might best be allocated between the relevant parties.


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