The Government has updated its guidance on participation in grassroots sport and physical activity during COVID-19 restrictions.


On Monday 19th July, restrictions in England eased further as we entered Step 4 of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown. The Government has updated its guidance relating to participation in grassroots sport and physical activity during COVID-19 restrictions.

 There are now no restrictions on what sports can be played or the number of participants who can take part in either indoor or outdoor sport. The Government has produced guidance on steps that should be taken to reduce the risk of transmission when participating in sports. These steps include:

  • Checking for Covid symptoms before attending any sporting activities.
  • Following any safety measures put in place by the sport provider.
  • Continuing to follow their sport’s national governing bodies’ guidance.
  • Continuing to follow good hygiene practices, including bringing your own refreshments and avoid sharing equipment. Equipment and surfaces should be cleaned frequently.

Sports providers should consider whether any additional safety measures should be put in place, such as requiring a COVID-19 test before participation, displaying an NHS code for people to check in, and implementing a system to collect people’s names and contact numbers for those that do not have the app.

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The content of this page is a summary of the law in force at the date of publication and is not exhaustive, nor does it contain definitive advice. Specialist legal advice should be sought in relation to any queries that may arise.

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