The practical steps to implementing a return to the workplace

The practical steps to implementing a return to the workplace

In this seminar with Hays, Fiona Powell will be addressing the practical issues that we are seeing arise out of the return to work, including:

  • The increase in flexible working requests – how should these be dealt with and how to cut down the administrative burden;

  • Dealing with competing requests to work from home – including requests from employees in the same team and how to manage this;

  • Strategies to ensure that employees are not disgruntled – particularly in light of the sudden change from home to office working;

  • Contractual and/or policy changes - that will need to be implemented for a more agile workforce going forward;

  • Recognising burn-out – as well as working from home fatigue and what to do about it.

Date: Thursday 27th May 2021

Time: 11am - 12pm

As Government restrictions continue to ease, and with it being rumoured that Boris will remove the work from home guidance from 21 June 2021, organisations are turning their heads to getting employees back in the workplace, deciding how the future of working will look like for them and are asking the above questions which we will address.

As always, if you do have any questions before the session please email Tom Williams so we can tailor the session to you. The panel will also answer your live questions during the session.

Call for focus group attendees

We have held smaller focus groups in the week or so after the webinar. These sessions are designed for senior HR professionals to come together in a round table setting to discuss the issues in a bit more detail. It also provides the opportunity to hear what other organisations are doing to try overcome the common issues faced. It is a really inclusive group, where we welcome everyone’s voice and opinion. If you want to be contacted after the above webinar about these focus groups, please indicate below.


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