Freeths host roundtable discussion with A/O Proptech

Last week, Real Estate Partners Alice Dockar and Darren Williamson were delighted to host a roundtable with Proptech investor and incubator A/O Proptech with guests from Balfour Beatty, Chancerygate, Harworth, Real PM, Related Argent, SAV Group and Purpose Homes.

Arjun Jairaj and Catriona Hyland of A/O Proptech presented a number of technology based solutions which are available in the market and would potentially aid time and cost efficiencies in construction in the short/medium and long term as well as presenting solutions for environmental and energy efficiency ambitions.What we learned is that there is a plethora of fantastic technology available to assist with site management and project performance such as 360 degree cameras (which are attachable to humans, or... robots) as well as drones to monitor performance in more inaccessible areas on site.Separately tech is available to bring together and coordinate the procurement and supply chain processes to reduce inefficiencies but also to highlight and correct changes - a tech form of “change management”. Also, materials that could be used in buildings attracted a few raised eyebrows and the scratching of heads. Could design go so far as to start using mycelium (mushrooms!) in construction or self-healing concrete where other more sustainable materials are mixed with concrete? It was fascinating to hear what is available, what might be available and importantly the appetite for looking at tech based solutions for ensuring cost and time efficient projects which create an energy efficient, environmentally sustainable product to be proud of. It is an exciting time for our industry.

If you are interested in joining a future Proptech event, then please get in touch with Darren Williamson or Alice Dockar.


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