Going Global - What a Life Sciences Business should consider when expanding internationally or into the UK

In association with Baker Tilly International and MHA, this webinar, the first in a series of three, aims to tackle some of the challenges faced by Life Sciences businesses when looking to scale up or trade internationally.

Our speakers are specialists in the tax, legal and compliance fields and will be able to cut through the complexity of some of the issues faced by business owners in this industry. Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • People and resources
  • Costs and supply chain disruption
  • Dealing with regulation, reporting, compliance, and related costs
  • IP protection and management
  • Maximising use of technology
  • How to deal with ESG
  • Navigating variable market access/reimbursement frameworks
  • Establishing appropriate scientific evidence generation strategies

Date: Thursday 19th January 2023 Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm GMTVenue: Via Microsoft Teams

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Yogan A. Patel - Partner and Life Sciences Industry Lead at MHA

Chris Denning - Partner, Corporate and International Tax at MHA

Mario Prohasky - Director, Life Sciences Consulting at Baker Tilly US

Claus Andersen - Partner, Life Sciences, Freeths


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