Preparing for recession: are your clients ready?

The Bank of England predicts that the UK will be in a recession by the end of the year due to sharp increases in fuel and living costs and there is growing concern this could last for five quarters.

Business owners are potentially facing a long period of uncertainty and are turning to their professional advisors for guidance and support on how to prepare and navigate through these challenging times. 

How are you helping your clients to prepare for the downturn? 

We invite you to join experts from Westbridge, Freeths and Evelyn Partners, who will discuss top tips that you and your clients need to be aware of to help them be best prepared for the impending recession, helping them to reduce any potential financial impact this may have on their business and the risks to them personally as directors. 

Date: Thursday 17th November Time: 10am - 11amVia Zoom

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We hope you can join us - please see the webinar agenda below: David Santaney and Martin Tilley - Westbridge

  • Utilising a SSAS to improve company cashflow during tough times

  • Drawing benefits to make ends meet

  • Is your SSAS provider acting in their client's best interest or their own

John Jeffreys and Kim Jones - Freeths

  • Legal pitfalls for distressed employers

  • Protecting the directors from personal liability during insolvency

Blair Winton - Evelyn Partners

  • How to turn the proceeds from the sale of a business into a steady income stream

  • Protecting purchasing power from the ravages of inflation


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