Digitalisation of the UK’s Immigration System - eVisa

The UK Government are currently developing a fully digital immigration system. From 1 January 2025 they will no longer issue physical proof of a migrant’s immigration status, such as a biometric residence permit, and will instead issue eVisas. In 2024, all migrants in the UK will need to use their UKVI account to access and prove their immigration status.

Millions of migrants already hold eVisas through immigration schemes such as the EU Settlement Scheme for EU nationals and the BNO Scheme for BNO passport holders. During 2024, eVisas will replace biometric residence permits (BRP), biometric residence cards (BRC) and any stamps or stickers in a passport which show leave to enter or remain.

Migrants who are applying for a visa for the first time, or applying to extend their leave to remain, will create their UKVI account as part of the visa application process. For migrants already in the UK, who do not have a UKVI account, they may need to register for one. The Government will issue guidance and information on how to do so through out 2024. Migrants can generate share codes from their UKVI account which they can provide to third parties and other government departments to prove their immigration status. The UKVI account will be vital to all migrants as without access to their account, they will not be able to prove their right to work, right to rent, right to a UK driving licence, and right to a UK bank account.

Migrants will also be able to update their details to the Home Office through the UKVI account. This will ensure that their immigration status can be easily identified when they go through the UK border.

If a migrant is unsure whether they have a UKVI account already, they can check by accessing the View and Prove service on and try to login using the documents they used on their last application. If they know they have an account but are having problems in accessing it, they can contact the Home Office on 0300 790 6268 to recover the account.

With these changes coming and in, and further details on the way, it’s important that migrants in the UK understand what actions they’ll need to take to ensure they can continue to prove their immigration status.

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The content of this page is a summary of the law in force at the date of publication and is not exhaustive, nor does it contain definitive advice. Specialist legal advice should be sought in relation to any queries that may arise.

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