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Personal yet professional legal advice

Private Client Law at Freeths

Trustworthy legal advice and a friendly, supportive lawyer can make all the difference to your personal life.

Freeths have a national reputation for their work in Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, and Family Law. We also offer innovative ideas for preserving wealth via property management and future planning. Our friendly lawyers will work with you to achieve a tailored solution. You can trust us to keep our costs practical too.

We’re not what you might expect

“Doing the right thing” is at the heart of Freeths. As well as being laid back and approachable – we have a strong set of values which guide the way we work. Our lawyers are committed to explaining everything clearly and keeping your costs down. If you have suffered an injury or need to get a divorce, we know the last place you want to be is in court. Where possible, we strive to use alternative dispute resolution.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our flexible lawyers take the time to listen to your needs and concerns, establishing what is important to you. You can also choose the price plan that suits you best.

Why choose Freeths for your case?

  • We are honest and upfront about our prices and can help you to choose a fixed payment plan
  • At every stage you will be told what we are doing and why – in everyday jargon-free language
  • Our dedicated Private Client teams are rated highly by legal guides and include leading experts
  • You can trust us to be professional, sympathetic and supportive during stressful legal situations
  • As well as legal services, we can offer you helpful extras like a home visits or free initial consultation

Freeths have 12 distinctive offices around the UK, and we strive to be readily available to you by phone.

An outstanding source of knowledge

By taking the time to understand your affairs, we use our in-depth knowledge and legal-services to provide bespoke advice. We provide insight and analysis throughout, gained from many years of proven experience.

If you would like a detailed information sheet about a particular subject, please get in touch and we can give you a copy.

For situations involving high net worth, our Platinum service encompasses specialists who regularly assist wealthy clients with complicated tax, wills and probate issues, as well as advising on any business interests and protection of reputation.

Click here to discover our Platinum Service for Individuals

Don’t just take our word for it

“Freeths LLP is a ‘regional leader’, where the team demonstrates ‘consummate skill, client care and relentless attention to detail’, placing it ‘head and shoulders’ above competitors.” The Legal 500

“They take time to understand client requirements and have a very positive and helpful approach, supported by very high professional knowledge and standards.” Chambers & Partners

“Provides the quality of service that would be expected of a Magic Circle firm.” The Legal 500

“All the people concerned – from the reception desk upwards – I found to be approachable, helpful and cheerful. They made me feel at ease.” Chambers & Partners

“The ‘reliable and professional’ team at Freeths LLP provides an ‘exemplary standard’ of service.” The Legal 500

Meet the team

Individuals Lawyers

Jessica Jones

Jessica Atkin

0845 050 3276

Jemima Barnes, Solicitor

Jemima Barnes

0845 077 9640

Gemma Bedford, Associate

Gemma Bedford

0845 050 3282

Catherine Bell, Senior Associate

Catherine Bell
Senior Associate

0186 578 1140

Claire Bendle, Director

Claire Bendle

0186 578 1107

Tom Burgess, Associate

Tom Burgess

0845 404 1715

Kathryn Carter, Solicitor

Kathryn Carter

0845 274 6828

James Cavanagh, Solicitor

James Cavanagh

0186 578 1193

Jade Cobb, Solicitor

Jade Cobb

0845 404 1728

Claire Colbert, Partner

Claire Colbert

0845 128 6961

Melissa Coleman, Associate

Melissa Coleman

0186 578 1162

Claire Cooper, Solicitor

Claire Cooper

0845 274 6830

Diana Copestake, Partner

Diana Copestake

0845 272 5674

Duncan Crine, Partner

Duncan Crine

01865 781 054

Nigel Cullen, Partner

Nigel Cullen

0115 936 9385

Kristal Dales, Licensed Conveyancer

Kristal Dales
Licensed Conveyancer

0186 578 1007

Andrew Dashwood-Begg, Senior Associate

Andrew Dashwood-Begg
Senior Associate

0186 578 1021

Adrian Denton, Associate

Adrian Denton

0845 166 6258

Charlotte Digby, Associate

Charlotte Digby

0845 030 5819

Joanne Edwards, Associate (Licensed Conveyancer)

Joanne Edwards
Associate (Licensed Conveyancer)

0186 578 1149

Sarah Foster, Managing Partner - Oxford

Sarah Foster
Managing Partner - Oxford

0186 578 1055

Lynne Foster, Senior Associate

Lynne Foster
Senior Associate

0186 578 1010

Rachel Gaffney, Director

Rachel Gaffney

0115 935 1860

Alicia Gill, Solicitor

Alicia Gill

0845 077 9602

Sally Goodger, Senior Associate

Sally Goodger
Senior Associate

0186 578 1061

Jane Goulding, Partner

Jane Goulding

0845 050 3296

Patricia Grout, Senior Associate

Patricia Grout
Senior Associate

0186 578 1170

Lucy Habgood, Solicitor

Lucy Habgood

0186 578 1093

Adrian Hackett, Partner

Adrian Hackett

0845 077 9601

Claire Hallam, Principle Litigation Manager

Claire Hallam
Principal Litigation Manager

0845 050 3297

Mark Keeley, Partner

Mark Keeley

0845 274 6875

Carolyn Lowe, Partner

Carolyn Lowe

0186 578 1019

Victoria Lymer, Solicitor

Victoria Lymer

0845 030 5735

Rebecca Maeers

0845 077 9583

Jane Maitland, Partner

Jane Maitland

0845 128 6963

Lisa Mark-Bell, Director

Lisa Mark-Bell

0186 578 1154

Jennie McBride, Associate

Jennie McBride

0115 901 5567

Ruth Elizabeth McDonald Private Client Solicitor

Ruth-Elizabeth McDonald

0845 274 6823

Scott McKittrick, Director

Scott McKittrick

0845 274 6851

Natasha Molloy

0845 077 9679

Gemma Nicholls-Webber, Senior Associate

Gemma Nicholls-Webber
Senior Associate

0845 404 1714

Rachael Oakes, Partner & Head pf Famoly & Platinum Client Services

Rachael Oakes
Partner & Head of Family & Platinum Client Services

0845 128 6960

Max Orbach, Solicitor

Max Orbach

Sarah Phillips, Associate

Sarah Phillips

0845 274 6887

Lesley Pollock, Director

Lesley Pollock

0845 128 6968

Grace Quinn, Associate

Grace Quinn

0186 578 1133

Karen Reynolds, Partner

Karen Reynolds

0845 272 5677

Nigel Roots, Partner

Nigel Roots

0845 128 6962

Mona Schroedel, Senior Associate

Mona Schroedel
Senior Associate

0186 578 1057

Morwenna Scott, Solicitor

Morwenna Scott

0845 666 5000

Rosalyn Shephard, Associate

Rosalyn Shephard

01865 781 023

Naomi Soloman

Naomi Solomon

0845 030 5742

Judith Speed, Partner

Judith Speed

0845 274 6868

Ben Stevens, Solicitor

Ben Stevens

0845 128 6991

Joanne Thomas, Associate

Joanne Thomas
Senior Associate

0845 404 4120

Lilly Toop
Senior Associate

0845 271 6795

Navada Ward, Associate

Navada Ward

0845 050 3666

Jane Williams, Partner

Jane Williams

0845 634 2593

Melanie Williams, Director

Melanie Williams

0845 128 6965

Related news
Notable Work
  • Claims arising from Mycobacterium chimera contamination of Sorin/Stockhert heater cooler units used in cardiac surgery where we are lead solicitors.
  • Advising a client in the entertainment industry on the defence of a defamation and breach of privacy action in relation to publications made on Facebook.
  • A lump sum of £1.2 million and annual payments for care for life, for a boy who was brain damaged and developed severe cerebral palsy as a result of delay in delivering him after he became distressed during his mother’s labour.
  • Represented clients in claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 in estates, ranging from a modest value up to estates exceeding £25 million.
  • A private mediation involving a high profile professional footballer where the couple wanted to reach an amicable settlement and keep everything out of the media and the public eye.
  • Acting for individuals in a claim against their former solicitors arising from inadequate legal advice resulting in substantial loss.
  • Represented family at inquest into death of patient CS sprayed and restrained by police in hospital and settled the civil claim.
  • Acting for the parents of an infant who sustained severe injuries due to delayed treatment of meningitis. The claim settled for £6 million.
  • Freeths represented a client in a claim arising from the delay in diagnosis and treatment of cauda equina syndrome at Northampton General Hospital. A settlement of £850,000.
  • Advising a family in relation to challenges to Wills on grounds of lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence and want of knowledge and approval.
  • Represented the family of a wife and mother who died as a result of incorrect treatment of cancer. Compensation of £400,000 was obtained.
  • Obtaining an ex-parte interim injunction in the High Court for a client against a television personality for breach of privacy on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and in an online autobiography sold on the Amazon website.
  • Represented three families of patients who became infected with prosthetic valve endocarditis during heart surgery at the Trent Cardiac centre at Nottingham City Hospital and settled the civil claim.
  • Acted for a claimant who underwent an appendectomy operation leading to a perforation of his sigmoid colon with catastrophic consequences. The claim was settled for a sum in excess of £1 million.

Client service

‘Doing the right thing’ is at the heart of Freeths. Find out more about our excellent client service and the strong set of values that guide the way we work.

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Freeths are a leading national law firm with 12 offices across the UK. If you have a query about our services or just want to find out more, why not give us a call?

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