Freeths advises the shareholders of Majenta PLM in its sale to Cutting Edge Solutions

Freeths is delighted to announce it has advised the shareholders of Majenta PLM Limited on their successful sale to Cutting Edge Solutions (Oxford) Limited. Majenta PLM is one of the UK’s largest Siemens PLM re-sellers and one of the few Platinum resellers across Europe. Operating from its base in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, it provides Siemens PLM software and related services to clients from such industries as automotive, aerospace and pharmaceuticals.

Cutting Edge Solutions (Oxford) Limited is one of the UK’s oldest Siemens PLM resellers and will combine with Majenta PLM to form the largest sales, consultancy and technical support organisation for Siemens PLM software in the UK and Ireland. This merger has long been contemplated by both parties as a way of improving the services provided to clients and to Siemens. Nick Farrall, UK Indirect Sales Director at Siemens complimented the joint capability of the combined organisations and is looking forward to the increased market presence and the ability to further provide the specialist technical services necessary to deliver Siemens PLM.The deal was backed by BGF, who are the UK’s most active and influential investor in small and mid-sized companies. Following the sale, Mark Parry of Majenta PLM will be appointed as Managing Director of the new group, Allan Blackwell of Cutting Edge will become the Chief Executive and a member of BGF will join the board of Cutting Edge.

Freeths fielded a cross firm team led by corporate senior associate Malin Svanberg Larsson and supported by Claire Boyce (senior associate, tax).Following completion, Monty Meghjee, an outgoing shareholder and director of Majenta PLM, commented: “We could not have done without your professional and personal advice... Every shareholder felt very satisfied with the outcome, totally happy of the impartiality shown and all personal opinions respected.”

Mark Parry said “The whole team at Freeths are very professional yet down to earth in explaining the nuances required to go through such a sale; company law, tax and personnel. In any such situation the devil is in the detail, but the complexity also comes in managing all shareholders’, advisors’ and sellers’ views. Freeths managed this and all parties, including the negotiations with the buyers, which moved forward within tight time scales, to a successful friendly conclusion.”

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