Coronavirus Hub Webinar Series - Contract Reviews and Supply Chain Issues

Our Coronavirus Hub has comprehensive guidance on Coronavirus-related issues for businesses in a range of areas together with access to a dedicated business helpline. Due to client demand, we are now running a series of webinars, on 4 core topics. 

The fourth in the series will cover Contract Reviews and Supply Chain Issues with Commercial Partner Rebecca Howlett and Litigation Partner Lindsey Clegg.Rebecca and Lindsey will focus on the following during this webinar:

  • practical tips for managing commercial contracts and supply chain relationships and avoiding disputes
  • where force majeure, or frustration, might apply and the implications of this
  • lessons learnt and how to contract for the future with the risk of pandemic, and other unanticipated global events, in mind

Please click here to re-watch the webinar

If you would like to talk through the consequences for your business, call our Coronavirus Helpline on 0330 134 0199 for a free consultation (on appropriate commercial enquiries only) or email us and one of our Helpline team will get in touch. If you have a query related to a dispute, our Helpline team will refer you to our experienced litigators for a free disputes surgery call.


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