EFL to launch twice-weekly COVID-19 testing


The English Football League (“EFL”) will commence a COVID-19 testing programme (twice-weekly) for all 72 EFL clubs, commencing on Monday 11 January 2021. The Professional Footballers’ Association (“PFA”) has agreed to fund the programme.

This is a welcome advancement for EFL Clubs and it will help to reduce the risk to players, whilst enabling the EFL football season to continue.The EFL and PFA released a joint statement stating: “Medical advice continues to support that following these protocols is the most successful route to mitigating against the spread of infection but given the emergence of a new strain of the Covid virus, it is acknowledged that additional testing where it is not currently happening may help with the early identification and isolation of asymptomatic individuals”.All players will be tested using lateral flow devices, and any individual who tests positive will be required to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) antigen test. Two sets of results will be announced each week confirming the number of individuals tested and the number of positive tests.The EFL announced it will continue to review the situation and make any changes or adjustments as necessary with the health and well-being of players and club staff being their utmost priority.

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