Heat Networks - Part 2: decarbonisation and regulation

The heat sector is set to undergo fundamental and wide-reaching changes in the next few years as the UK looks to reduce its reliance on gas and set rules around consumer protection. Existing contracts may need to be scrutinised and those still to be negotiated will need to be future-proofed.

We are on the cusp of carbon saving measures and rafts of new regulation, and so our Heat, Part 2 webinar will discuss how heat suppliers and plant operators will need to adapt, and what this could mean for all stakeholders, including:

  • property developers required to install or connect to heat networks through planning and wary of upcoming changes to Part L of the Building Regulations
  • landlords keen to understand how your tenants can be protected
  • investors looking for new asset opportunities
  • public bodies considering heat as part of your sustainability strategy
  • manufacturers looking to recover and harness waste heat
  • energy from waste operators looking to off-load recovered heat

Join us for this second of our heat webinars, the first of which provided an introduction to heat networks with excellent contributions from the Heat Trust and Joule Infrastructure, a recording of which can be found here: Heat Networks - Part 1: an intro and hot topics (freeths.co.uk).

Date: Tuesday 5th April 2022 Time: 10am - 11am

Watch back the webinar here


Barny Evans, Director at Turley
Barny has worked in sustainability and energy for 20 years. He is now Director of Sustainability at Turley, where he advises corporate clients on sustainability and the net zero transition. He also advises regeneration and development schemes. He has had a passion for heat decarbonisation for over a decade. He has advised on several large heat investments, worked with housebuilders and housing associations to develop low carbon specifications for new development and retrofitting. He has worked for BEIS and the West Midlands Combined Authority looking at regional approaches to heat decarbonisation and is working with industrial organisations on the tricky subject of high temperature heat.

On policy, he is working with industry groups such as CIBSE, LETI, BEIS and UKGBC on research and papers. He has advocated an all-electric future for over a decade, including in a paper for WSP, Powering Ahead: 

Liam O'Flynn, Managing Associate at Freeths
Liam is a clean energy lawyer in the Freeths Energy, Waste, and Sustainability practice. He focusses on renewables, clean technologies, and sustainability solutions. Liam advises developers, investors, owners and operators across clean generation of electricity and heat on a mixture of commercial, regulatory, and transactional matters, alongside complex energy sector projects work. 

Arran Mornin, Head of Heat Network policy at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

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