20-hour cap lifted for Visa holders in Health and Social Care

In February 2023, the Home Office changed the rules for supplementary work for sponsored workers in the UK on a Health and Care Visa, lifting the 20-hour cap on supplementary work.

Ordinarily sponsored workers can work in their main sponsored job and can undertake up to 20 hours supplementary work. Supplementary work must be in the same profession and at the same professional level as their main job or must be in a shortage occupation. Supplementary employment does not have to be with a licensed sponsor and the Home Office does not need to be informed of the additional work.

The announced change only applies to Skilled Workers on a Health and Care Visa. This visa category applies to qualified doctors, nurses, health professionals and health and care professionals working in adult social care. Health and Care Visa holders are now permitted to work in supplementary employment for more than 20 hours per week provided that any hours worked beyond 20 hours are in an eligible Health and Care Visa role. If the worker already holds a Health and Care visa, they will not need to apply to change their visa and they will not need to notify the Home Office.

This exemption is in place for six months and will be reviewed in August 2023. Current guidance indicates that from 27 August 2023 the exemption will end and all Skilled Workers, including Health and Care visa holders, will only be able to do up to 20 hours of supplementary work.

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