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Perineal Tears & Gynaecological Claims

Clinical negligence during childbirth

What is involved?

A perineal tear sustained during childbirth can have a substantial effect on a woman’s future continence and sexual function. You may be reluctant to talk about any injuries sustained, but this can often result in many years of pain and distress. Whilst perineal tears are common – with around 85% of women suffering some form of tear – some are caused by inadequate or negligent treatment received during childbirth.

Find out more about the 4 different types of perineal tears here

Perineal and vaginal tears are most common in women having their first vaginal birth. Chances of tearing can also be increased by you having a large baby, induced labour, a long second stage of labour, an assisted delivery, having an episiotomy, or when your baby’s shoulder gets stuck behind your pubic bone.

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Why choose Freeths?

  • You can rely on our lawyers to treat your situation sensitively and leave you to focus on the future
  • Our friendly clinical negligence team are recognised for their success in making birth injury claims
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Our team of clinical negligence solicitors have successfully represented women making birth injury claims, after suffering tears that have been either misdiagnosed or treated negligently.

Whether your injury is a small abrasion or a deep laceration, we can advise on your best course of action. Thankfully, some tears heal naturally and require very little treatment, while others will require surgical intervention or suturing.

If you have sustained a tear, it is vital that this is found and treated correctly. Where treatment during childbirth is proved to have been negligent or inadequate, we can help you claim compensation.

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